It’s no secret that LYLIT confronts your heart head-on. She doesn’t believe in detours nor superficialities. If you like listening to LYLIT, you are not afraid of uncovering your deepest longings, most intense feelings and opening yourself up. There is no halfway with LYLIT.

She is an artist that believes in independence and womanhood. Truth is simply not negotiable, so she doesn’t look for elusions either.

After being signed to Kedar Massenburg (former CEO of Motown) in NYC, she released two EPs with him. Her song ‚The Plan‘ was iTunes Single of the Week in the US and toured extensively through Europe.

Now she forges her very own path with her new EP ‚AURORA‘. Free from the shackles of the industry and full of stories to tell.



March 09 LYLIT Band @ Frei:raum, St. Pölten

March 22 LYLIT Band @ Stadtwerkstatt, Linz

March 23 LYLIT Band @ Orpheum, Graz

March 28 LYLIT Band @ Treibhaus, Innsbruck

April 02 LYLIT Band @ Porgy&Bess, Wien

April 05 LYLIT Band @ Spielboden, Dornbirn

April 06 LYLIT Band @ Altes Kino, Landeck

April 12 LYLIT Band @ JazzIt, Salzburg

May 25 LYLIT Solo @ C’est La Mü Festival, Oslip




25. Okt. LYLIT Solo @ Emailwerk, Seekirchen

28. Okt. LYLIT Solo @ Viennale – Kunsthalle MQ, Wien

08. Nov. LYLIT Solo @ Roadhouse Musicstore, Hochburg-Ach

10. Nov. LYLIT Trio @ Kulturmü, Hollabrunn

12. Nov. LYLIT Solo @ Platoo Montag in der Scherbe, Graz

20. Nov. LYLIT Solo @ Radiokulturhaus, Wien

01. Dez. LYLIT Solo @ Nea Zoi, Altötting

08.Dez LYLIT Solo @ Conchita, Halle E MQ, Wien

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